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Who is the Bloom Box right for?

Kids!  The Bloom Box was first created with the idea that children should be provided with fun toys to enhance development.  All types of children enjoy the activities in the Bloom Box.  Each available Bloom Box is listed with an age range to help you decide which one would be great for your child!

What makes the Bloom Box so great?

The Bloom Box was designed to enhance multiple areas of child development.  Each Bloom Box contains multiple activities targeting language, social, fine motor, cognitive, and sensory development.  

Why rent for a month?

Research indicates that following approximately 4 weeks of play, children become over or under stimulated with their toys.  By providing a fresh batch of developmentally appropriate toys every four weeks, we are challenging your child to learn new skills while carrying over previously learned skills into new situations with new toys and play scenarios!

Are the toys sanitized?

Absolutely. Every item in every box goes through an extensive cleaning and sanitization process and is fully inspected before being shipped. 

Does a Bloom Box eliminate the need for therapy or school?

Nope.  But it helps!  

If I purchase a subscription, can I still choose the boxes I receive?

Absolutely!  Please write the boxes you would prefer in the comments section at check out.  If you want to be surprised, we can do that too!