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Our Bloom Boxes

What’s Inside?

Montessori-friendly Toys

A vibrant variety of educational toys designed to help kids discover enlightening results all on their own. Montessori-friendly toys allow for natural, open-ended learning. They’re the ideal supplements to an adventure in learning!

Themed Sensory Bin

Hands-on play for children to learn about their their senses and utilizing fine-motor skills in their hands! Sensory is intended to calm, focus and engage a child.

Learning Activities

Instructions for 3-4 activities utilizing the toys & sensory bin. These guides are for the parents support to encourage developmental learning through play. Every activity is designed by a certified Child Speech Pathologist.

Performance Worksheet

Track the successes along the way of learning. Observe what your child excels at and what they need more focus in. These guided worksheets are intended for parents to track the development growth of your child.